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Overview and Current Climate:
Given today’s dramatically changing and stimulus-driven marketplace, design/engineering, construction and infrastructure firms are all looking at innovative ways to maintain growth, enter new markets and improve quality. To remain competitive, these companies are growing operations, entering new markets and working hard to position themselves for what will no doubt be trillions of dollars aimed at infrastructure projects across power generation, transmission and distribution, water, transportation and renewables.

To accomplish this, these firms will all need highly experienced, insightful and motivated leaders to move their companies forward. Agilium Worldwide understands this and has the experience to help.

Overview of Sectors Covered:
Agilium Worldwide has conducted numerous searches in the design/engineering, construction and infrastructure sectors. Our clients range from multibillion-dollar corporations to venture capital/private equity-backed startups. These clients may operate at the country level or have large, global footprints. Sector-specific infrastructure coverage includes:

  • Water (conveyance, reclamation, waste water, etc.)
  • Power (non-nuclear, hydro, tidal, steam/fossil-fuel powered, etc.)
  • Renewable (wind, solar, biomass, hydro)
  • Waste to Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Architectural Design & Engineering
  • Transportation (railway station, airport, port, etc.)
  • Transmission/Distribution (Power & Telecommunications)
  • Asset Management/Management Operations (M&O)
  • Vertical/Commercial Construction
  • Civil Engineering

Some Assignments in the Construction/Infrastructure sector


  • COO, civil construction company, Italy
  • General Manager, civil construction, Italy
  • CTO, international renewable, Italy
  • HR Director, railway station, Italy
  • Project Director Metal Bridges, Russia
  • CFO and Chief Technical Officer, Civil Engineering, Italy
  • Commercial Director, Infrastructure, Italy
  • VP Development, Renewable, Italy
  • Head of PR & Institutional Communications, Infrastructure for railway, Italy


  • Chief Executive Officer, national & local property holding company, Vancouver
  • Commercial Director, international engineering & construction corporation, Argentina
  • Project Director, local developer/operator of commercial complexes, Shanghai
  • CEO, international realty firm, Argentina
  • Head of Renewables, Global Developer, UK
  • Construction Director, EPC firm, Mexico
  • VP Business Development, Federal Division, US-based global EPC firm
  • Director, Operations, EPC firm, Brazil


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