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Core Industry Specialties

Energy & Natural Resources

Overview of markets covered:

  • Upstream Operations
  • Midstream - Trading, Transportation, Gas, LNG/LPG, Project, Origination and Development
  • Power/Power Generation and Renewables including Wind, Biofuels, etc.
  • Energy Service Companies/Contractors and Suppliers
  • Mining and Minerals

Overview of regions covered:

  • North America / South America
  • Europe / Africa / Middle East
  • Far East / Asia

Climate for Energy worldwide:
The structure of the global energy industry is undergoing fundamental change, driven by significantly increased demand in countries such as China and India, changing patterns of supply, pressure to generate electricity in new ways that will reduce emissions of CO2, and the opening up of markets to competition. All this results in an acute need for experienced energy professionals, particularly development engineers and project managers, and also commercial management. Energy companies must search widely to find the requisite skills and experience that are in such short supply.

Some Assignments in the Energy & Natural Resources sector


  • Plant Director, oil & gas, Italy
  • Head of IT, Utility, Italy
  • HSE Director, oil & gas, Italy
  • CTO, renewable, Italy
  • Production Director, oil & gas
  • Project Director, electricity producer


  • Administration & Finance Manager, international producer of non-metallic industrial minerals, Argentina
  • Finance manager, local and international green power enterprise, Shanghai
  • Country Manager, international mining firm, Bolivia¬†
  • Board of Directors, major international Spanish power generation and distribution organization, Cali, Colombia
  • Middle East Regional Manager, UK independent E&P Company, Dubai
  • Senior Petroleum Engineers, Medium Sized E&P Company, Libya/Germany
  • Director of Projects, Major International Contractor, Caspian
  • Country Manager, Subsidy of Major Utility, Algeria
  • Chairman, Developing and listed energy company, Melbourne, Australia (Head office)


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