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Core Industry Specialities

All of Agilium Worldwide member firms conduct executive searches in a cross section of industries.

We also have expertise in nine Core Industry Specialties, with consultants who search in a variety of functions as well as in different regions utilizing our close network of firms located in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Through this network, valuable search resources and industry knowledge are readily available, thus providing added value to clients.

Given today’s dramatically changing and stimulus-driven marketplace, design/engineering, construction and infrastructure firms are all looking at innovative ways…
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Consumer Products – Manufacturing/Distribution
Agilium Worldwide understands today’s issues facing consumer-oriented companies…
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Energy & Natural Resources
The structure of the global energy industry is undergoing fundamental change…
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Financial Services
With world financial markets in turmoil, this sector presents both challenges as well as opportunities for our clients.
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Industry – Manufacturing/Distribution
The industrial sector is both large and diverse, with many sub-sectors and challenges. Its diversity ranges from …
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Life Sciences/Health Care
Life Sciences is an exciting area not only for executive search and industry in general, but for every individual because of the potential impact on our lifestyles.
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Not For Profit
The Not-for-Profit and Community Services sectors are grappling with the need to ensure that people…
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Professional Services
Professional services firms, namely accounting and law firms in particular, are reaching out more often than ever…
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According to Digital Planet 2006, the global marketplace for information and communications technology (ICT) exceeded $3 trillion in 2006 and will reach $4 trillion in 2009
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