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Industry – Manufacturing/Distribution

Overview and Current Climate:
The industrial sector is both large and diverse, with many sub-sectors and challenges. Its diversity ranges from manufacturing to distribution, from all types of products to all levels of human capital, from issues of power generation and sustainability, from more production with less cost, time to market, escalating fuel costs, and the list goes on.
Today, companies in this sector are focused on how to get maximum productivity from their human capital, technology, and supply chain investments. Recent surveys indicate that CEOs in this sector rate the top three opportunities for growth as geographic expansion, higher penetration of existing markets and new product development that is largely driven by talent. The heightened importance of innovation in general will drive greater sophistication in every element of the supply chain and every function that impacts an organization’s ability to go to market quickly and profitably.
In particular, the growing agribusiness in Brazil is worth 33 per cent of the GNP and the most economic producer of ethanol. Agilium Worldwide members here and in other parts of South America are strongly positioned in this market as well as in other commodities (e.g. cotton, soybeans, sugar cane, coffee), crops sciences, veterinary products, petrochemicals and more.
Agilium Worldwide members have a wide range of expertise in this important sector at both top and mid levels and in all critical functional disciplines. Searches have been successful in a several different business sectors including:

  • automotive
  • aerospace/defense
  • chemicals
  • construction
  • contracting
  • electrical
  • industrial equipment
  • packaging
  • transportation
  • logistics

There is much confidence in the growth of this sector in the coming months. Agilium Worldwide offers you the competitive advantage of global sourcing; and with its network of independent consultants around the globe, our members can partner with your firm – regardless of its size – to help find the perfect fit for your human talent needs.

Some Assignments in the Industry – Manufacturing/Distribution sector


  • General Manager, Safety&Security, Italy
  • General Manager, national logistic in pharma company, Italy
  • Administrative Director, national logistic in pharma, company, Italy
  • R&D & Quality Director, cement, Italy
  • Commercial Director, infrastructure for railways
  • Technical Director, international group in redevelopment/operation of railway stations, Italy 
  • Sales Director, provider of solutions for electrical connectivity, Italy


  • General Manager & CEO, national industrial manufacturing company, Argentina
  • CEO, national logistics/transport/storage company, Brazil 
  • COO, Dutch multinational EPC (Engineer, Procurement and Construction) company, Bogota,
  • Colombia 
  • European Director Product Marketing, producer in the communication and industrial electronic sector, Munich 
  • CEO/Managing Director, multi-national agricultural firm with extensive global operations,
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • General Manager – automotive industry, publicly listed multinational conglomerate, Singapore
  • CEO, Australian heavy vehicle automotive manufacturer/ supplier, Melbourne based