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Executive Search

We partner our Clients during the process of identifying and assessing Business Leaders and Senior Executives, a key ingredient for a sound and sustainable growth of every business.

Our boutique approach allows us to strongly customize each solution, to meet Client’s needs independently on their local or international nature.

Thanks to the Agilium Worldwide membership, in fact, we are able to provide support on a global basis and help foreign Companies to develop their business in Italy, specially with reference to C-level roles, that typically require an international background.

The following positions fall into our range of executive searches:

  • CEO’s
  • VP’s and Directors
  • Board Member

Executive Appraisal

There are situations where Organizations need to assess their key position holders or their managerial levels. EA enables to:

  • understand  whether or not the human capital is the most suitable one, to face a specific business challenge;
  • avoid failure during strategic realignments, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring or even just to put in place a sound, proficient and compliant organizational development approach;
  • map and evaluate leadership and managerial capabilities, by benchmarking them against the most successful comparable market players

Leadership Solutions

Aligning People and Strategy
More frequently than expected, deviations arise between strategic plans and concrete achievements.
We developed an ad hoc methodology in cooperation with specialized business consultants sharing with us the same passionate, rigorous and tailor made approach.

We complement the “traditional” structured interview with a lean analysis tool that has been engineered by using a mix of grounded academic knowledge, business case evidence and professional experience.

Leadership «chain»
Specially with reference to family business, succession is often perceived as a destabilizing factor. We studied an integrated approach ensuring continuity in Leadership.