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Life Sciences/Health Care

Life Sciences is an exciting area not only for executive search and industry in general, but for every individual because of the potential impact on our lifestyles. Typically Life Sciences include a broad field of disciplines that relates to living organisms and their interrelationships. Some of the largest industries that are included in our definition of Life Sciences for executive search are:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • ecology
  • agro technology

Of course each one of these categories has multiple subsections. Traditionally Life Sciences has focused on health care and the environment although genetically modified products are quickly developing an equal profile.

Current Climate:
The health and agricultural sciences sectors have been dominated by several factors including:

  1. The rationalization of these industry sectors through mergers and acquisitions.
  2. The competitive search for new products.
  3. The growing industries of bioinformatics in genetics and proteomics.
  4. The proliferation of small enterprises started by inventors with an interesting product and strong desire to commercialize the product.
  5. The growth of government regulation and global standardization of government controls.

Thus, the Life Sciences/Health Care sector is highly complex with much specialization, high growth potential, and an interesting combination and interrelationship of large international players and local entrepreneurs. All these factors are good for executive firms that are prepared to develop a focus and expertise in some of these industries.

International search firms like Agilium Worldwide members have the experience, depth and breadth in this wide ranging Life Sciences sector – including boards of director searches – and are poised to help clients fulfill their precise needs. We have the ability to respond both locally and internationally in this sector.

Some Assignments in the Life Sciences/Health Care sector


  • General Manager, leader in OTC, Italy
  • Chief Commercial Officer, multinational pharmaceutical company, Italy
  • Sales Director, global phamaceutical company, Italy
  • Chief Financial Officer, pharmaceutical group, Italy
  • Administrative Director, pharmaceutical group, Italy
  • Marketing Director, international pharmaceutical group, Italy
  • Business Unit Director, pharmaceutical group, Italy
  • Regulatory Affairs Director, pharmaceutical group, Italy
  • Plant Director, international chemical company, Italy
  • Quality Director, multinational chemical company, Italy
  • CIO, international phamaceutical company, Italy


  • HR Director, international leading generics brand firm, Madrid 
  • Senior Vice President, local healthcare hospice, USA
  • Board of Director, local developer of cancer treating products, Vancouver
  • Sales Director, leading global pharmaceutical firm, Portugal
  • General Manager, American international pharmaceutical company, Bogotá Colombia 
  • Regional Marketing Director, manufacturer of pharmaceutical, Brazil